Meet The Team

Our ever-expanding team consists of a diverse group of individuals who all bring something special to the table.  We work hard at what we do and we have the necessary knowledge, skill set and experience to deliver quality work.

Looking to connect with a specific person or department?  Check out the team below.

Chief Executive Officer

John Dishion, Since 1977

📞  Ext: 114

Chief Operations Manager

Bryan Chandler

📞  Ext: 113

VP Cannabis Division

Amelia Dishion

📞  Ext: 123


Betz Thompson

Chief Accounting Officer

📞  Ext: 112

Adriel Coronado

Purchasing Department

📞  Ext: 124

Delanie Frame

Shipping Department

📞  Ext: 112

Design Engineering & Support

Roberto Santos

Senior Service Technician

Jason Satnick

Mechanical Engineer

Christopher Dawley

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Kalee Vidanapahirana

Mechatronics Engineer

Hasala Senevirathne

Senior Mechatronics Engineer

Shop Supervisor

Brian Godfrey

Assembly / Fabrication

Daniel Barker

Senior Fabrication Specialist

Sergio Rivera

Fabricator Specialist III

Keith Jansen

Fabricator Specialist III

Filiberto Pichardo

Fabricator Specialist III

Michael Padilla

Fabricator Specialist III

Alex Mendez

Fabricator Specialist I

Gaspar Juarez

Fabrication Specialist I

Assembly / Service Technicians


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