Combination Scales

Our Multihead Combination Scales Are Easily Integrated Into
Fully Automated Packaging Systems

Actionpac Offers A Wide Range Of Extremely Accurate, High Performance Multi-Head Scales. Providing A Perfect Weighing Solution For Every Application.

Actionpac MULTI109 combination scales are capable of weighing and mixing at high speeds with great accuracy, which makes them an ideal choice for large production lines running even the most complicated application mixtures.

  • Increase your productivity
  • Tool-less adjustable disconnect buckets, product chutes, pans and rotating hopper provides convenience during product change over and thorough fast cleaning
  • Our stainless steel construction minimizes the risk of contaminants while providing ease of cleaning and our hygienic design always meets industry standards

Increase Your Speed, Production and Profits With An Exclusive Allen-Bradley Equipped Combination Scale

Actionpac Multi109-10 head full packaging line filling mushrooms into tills at the rate of 40-50 tills per minute. System consists of elevators, EZ flow hopper, distribution conveyors, de-nester, and (2) indexing conveyors.

Seamless integration with our VFFS (vertical form fill and seal) packaging systems!
This system provides reporting capabilities from the packaging system interface

Simple design with outstanding performance, our combination scales offer improved accuracy and the highest speeds using the minimum number of bucket combinations.

  • Individual weigh bucket processing control
  • Multi-dumping sequence for bulk dumping
  • Product mixing capabilities
  • Auto-recover without shutdown
  • Customize to meet your needs
  • Unlimited product set-up recipes
  • Triggers and alerts
  • Remote software updates
  • Production planning scheduler