Vibration Resistant
Customizable Reports
Unlimited Interface Capability
Optional Webcam
Smart Phone Controlled
Remote Troubleshooting
100% Stainless Steel
Speeds Up To 120 Per Minute
Easy Product Change Over
Multi Language Panel
Open Frame For Easy Cleaning
Complete System Integration
Exclusive Allen-Bradley Equipped Combination Scale
Easy Wash Down
Customizable Reports
Smart Phone Controlled
High Weighing Precision
For Various Materials
Wide Range Application
Low Cost For High Speed
Chain Bags, PE Film, Venting
Nitrogen, Punching Jaws
Feed, Fill, Seal, Date Printing
Suitable For Fragile Materials
Gusset Pouches From Roll Stock
Supervisor Code
Remote Assistance Troubleshooting
Run / Status Lights
Modular Electronic System
Stainless Steel Contact Surfaces
High Speed Weighing Systems
Magnetic Bucket Elevators
Magnetic Alignment Indexing
Hardware Kitting Systems
Parts Counting Systems
Highest Accuracy In The Market
Stainless Steel Washdown
Photo Registration Eye
Sealing Temperature Control
All SMC Pneumatic Components
Date Code
Compact Design
Automatically Forms, Fills, Seals
Vibration Resistant
Customizable Reports
Unlimited Interface Capability
Optional Webcam
Smart Phone Controlled
Remote Troubleshooting
Heat Sealing & Bag Output
Filling & Consolidating
Zip Bag Opening, Air Squeezer
Bag Feeding, Coding
Touch Screen Controller
Fully Enclosed Unit
Multiple Bag Formats
8 Proccessing Positions
Customizable Reports
Touch Screen Controller
Unlimited Interface Capability
Webcam Option
Smart Phone Controlled


Actionpac leads, innovates & impacts many industries. Since 1977  we’ve pushed our limits to provide our customers with the latest technologies and Customized them for their exact products. We are not planning on stopping now. We have the best Automated Weigh Fill and Packaging Machines , and we manufacture Complete Systems for maximum efficiency, accuracy & production. There’s not an  “it” to solve your needs and that’s why we customize everything for you. We will walk with you through every step of the process.

We have a skilled team of Senior Engineers that will draft your ideas and modify them as needed. We also have a full team of professionals and service technicians working to make sure everything gets done on time.  We believe deeply in the value of a job done exceptionally well, plus our tech support and trainers will be there for you until your equipment is fully installed and your employees trained.As you see,everything that we do sets us apart. The quality and service you get with us is unmatched.

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Speed & Accuracy

When it comes down to Packaging Systems, it’s all about the performance. We are able to Integrate High Speed & Accuracy Technologies, so no product gets wasted. We have created our own software that is user friendly with a windows interface.

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Custom Built

Using 3D computer modeling and simulation we can design a simple or highly customized system for all your Weigh Filling, Sealing, Bulk Filling , Blending, Conveyance, Piece Counting and Packaging Equipment needs, as well as using only high quality stainless steel for a lasting investment.

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Our expert engineers & technicians will work with you on every step of the process and beyond. Working along with our customers has always been our Signature. If you can dream it, we can make it work. From design idea to installation & employee training.


CALL US! +1 (805) 487-0403