We Build The World's Most Efficient Packaging Automation Machines,

Free Lifetime Support Included.

Some Of Our Clients

Here's The Problem.

It’s easy to buy packaging automation machines. Enter numbers. Press send.

But, they’re not made for your goals, your challenges, your products, your bags, your facility, your conditions, your employees… Also, there’s no written performance guarantee and there’s no lifetime support.

It’s hard to find the sweet spot. It’s easy to buy a mistake. You might buy a paperweight.

That’s not how we work. Let’s talk.

You talk. We listen. If we’re right for each other, we build , provide a performance guarantee, and include free lifetime support.

Whether You're A Newbie, A Seasoned Pro, or Somewhere In Between, This Free Guide Will Help You Find Your Right Packaging Automation Manufacturer.

(even if it’s not us)

The Rollmaster420

Run any strain with any cone in just about any room. 

Why Jeeter Bought  

The Micro420

Large Buds. Small Buds. Run Blended, Separate or Combined. It All Works.

Maybe Your Next Packaging Automation Machine Should Be More Than A Machine.

Made In The USA

Built To Your Order

Written Performance Guarantee

Free Lifetime Support

Santa Paula, CA.

Some Of Our Cannabis Clients

Blend Just About Any Food Into Just About Any Container,
Free Lifetime Support Included

Your Custom Packaging Automation Machine.

Your Products. Your Containers. Your Goals. Your Challenges. Our 47 Years. 

We Make It Work.


Our 3 Step Plan

1. Consultation

Packaging automation starts with a conversation. No cost. No obligation. You talk. We listen. What are your goals? Products? Bags? Facility? Operator?... Send us your product and bags and make sure it works with our equipment... for free.

2. Production

Only after we have your custom plan, do we start production. Your packaging automation is custom fitted. Yes, it takes longer, but it saves you time and money in the end.

3. Installation & Lifetime Support

We install your packaging automation and train your staff. By the time we leave, production and profits are up; headaches are down. Then, we support your equipment for life. You might even get some sleep.

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