Thank you for your interest in our company and our products.  ActionPac began in the hi-precision scale industry in 1977.  We have since evolved into the packaging industry.  Our competitors began in the packaging industry and added scales.  Thus, the origins of ActionPac have made it possible to transfer weighing technology and accuracy far more successfully than typical packaging companies.  This careful attention to precision was the driving force in developing controls, programming, and techniques that offer an unusually fast and accurate scale system.

Navigating through Products, you’ll find examples of the work we’ve done in various industries.  We specialize in ultra hi precision wet and dry particulate, powder, and parts counting packaging equipment.  We use weigh and/ or orientation technology, depending on the requirements.  We also have a reputation for designing harsh environment systems that are rugged and sanitary.  As a complement to our extensive line of standard systems, successful custom engineered projects range from high precision pharmaceutical scales to heavy capacity bulk filling operations.

Our experience has shown that some products may require special attention.  Drawings and pictures are intended for examples only as the vast majority of our equipment including our linear net weigh & fill scales are custom engineered for a specific customer and application.  We don’t stock equipment except the very basic models (e.g. coffee scales) but would like to hear from you about your unique application.

We have designed, fabricated and installed many filling systems used in a wide variety of applications.  We would be happy to give you further details and work up a formal quotation for a system that will help you increase your production and maximize your profits.  To that end, we have an economical, versatile line of standard equipment that can be modified for your specific needs; all modular and all expandable for growth.

All equipment from ActionPac is 100% designed and/or manufactured in the U.S.A. by our company, including computer controls and circuit boards. All programming is done in-house.

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