From Fully Integrated Systems to Entry Level Machines,

3 Levels of Our Packaging Systems

All machines are modular. They grow with you. 

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1. Integrated Systems

Maximizing Your Profits

2. Intermediate

Raising Your Automation Game

3. Entry Level

Moving From Manual To Automated Packaging

4 Automatic Filling Machines that are built in the USA, made to your order, and come with a written performance guarantee and free lifetime support.


That is the ActionPac Difference.


It’s easy to buy a automatic filling machine. Press send.

It’s hard to buy a automatic filling machine that works with your product, bags, facility, employees, expected ROI…

That’s what we do. We make it work for you.

Whether you’re filling 1 gram or 70 lbs, we have a solution that works.

Standard Features:

1oz – 10lb fills on the same system
Up to .01 oz accuracy (yes, accuracy not resolution) (up to 5lb)
Up to .01lb accuracy (yes, accuracy not resolution) (5lb – 10lbs)
Sanitary smooth contact surfaces
304 SS Frame / Stand / Contact Surfaces (Standard) – 316 SS option available
Keypad Interface (standard) – TouchScreen with remote assistant option available
Festo Pneumatics

Of course, the most important standard features is that each machine is made in The USA, made to your order, and comes with a written guarantee and free lifetime support.

We’re here to make it work for you.

You can find your right equipment here.

You can learn more here.

Utility Requirements
115VAC – 5A
.5CFM  Air


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