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Our coffee bag sealer, The Seal-E-7, is The Goldilocks of coffee bag sealers, not too expensive and not too cheap.

If you’re looking for a coffee bag sealer that is easy to use, just keeps working, and has a quick ROI, our Seal-E-7 is the right coffee bag sealer for you.

If you don’t want or need all the bells and whistles, this is your right sealer.

If you just want it to work, day after day, bag after bag, this is the right sealer.

If you want it to be easy to adjust for the bag and the operator, this is the right sealer for you.

It doesn’t have the features you don’t need, but has what you need to make it work for you.

It’s the right price, versatile for both the operator and the bag adjustments, works with a wide range of bags,
the small ones and the large ones, and it’s supported for life.

Our coffee bag sealer seals 30-40 bags per minute, and seals 10-12 bags per minute with a weigher.

So, whether your sealer is a stand alone machine, is now, or in the future, integrated with an automated system, the Seal-E-7 will work for you.

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