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1. Integrated Systems

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3. Entry Level

Moving From Manual To Automated Packaging

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Automatically Move Beans Into The Me109

Gentle Flow Vacuum Conveyor
Gives you the flexibility needed to transfer “green” coffee from a Bag, floor hopper, super sack or box to a roaster/cooler/de-stoner and then to either a whole-bean Packaging Station and/or to a grinder and to a packaging machine. The operator can slow speed down when conveying fragile roasted beans, or increase speed to transfer heavier, more robust green beans. This proven self-contained line coupled with ancillary equipment, results in a complete system that provides ease of operation, quality control and low maintenance, reducing the cost of producing your finished product.

Make Your Hopper Mobile!

Mobile Floor Hopper
Designed to increase production flow and capabilities. The mobile floor hopper pairs with the Pneucon Kit, and are generally ordered together.

Load Coffee Grounds, Beans or Teas Automatically Into Hopper

Pneucon Kit
This kit provides accuracy by satisfying a complete product flow to the bag of your choice.

Improve Accuracy and Speed!

Side Gusset Forming
Custom Funnels improve accuracy and speed. Designed to simultaneously form and fill side gusset bags, these funnels come in 3 sizes: 2 – 6 oz, 8 – 16 oz, and custom sizes.

Keep Your Product Fresh!

Nitro Flush Kit
Keep your product fresh with the ActionPac Nitro Flush Kit. Hassle free, we mount it for you! All you do is provide regulated nitrogen. When your product runs through the funnel, it’s nitro purged!

Fill Larger Bags!

Need to fill 5lb and smaller bags, then the 5lb Bucket and Open Funnel Kit is perfect for you! Easily mounts to your scale for a smooth and quick transition.

Looking for a coffee pouch machine? 

Looking to scale your coffee or tea business?

Also looking for a coffee pouch machine that is a foundation that can grow with your business?

Looking for ROI numbers that make sense?

You’re in the right spot.

Our ME109 the most recommended coffee pouch machine for a reason.

It’s fast. With just one operator, you get up to 12 cycles per minute.

It’s accurate. Up to 1/100oz (1/10 gram).

It’s easy to learn. Any new employee can be up and running within minutes. A two-digit code recalls presets for commonly used weights.

It’s easy to clean. All contact points are stainless steel.

It’s durable. We have Me109s that have been in the field for 30 years, day in and day out.

It’s economical. Customers usually make their money back in 6 months.

It’s modular. You can add vacuum conveyors, nitro flush kits mobile floor hopper, stand up pouch former…

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