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All machines are modular. They grow with you. 

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Our fine powder filling machine, the Mini109CP, is made in America, made to your order, comes with a written performance guarantee, and comes with free lifetime support.


Let’s be honest. It’s easy to buy packaging automation machines. Enter numbers. Press send.

But, they’re not made for your goals, your challenges, your products, your bags, your facility, your conditions, your employees… Also, there’s no performance guarantee and there’s no lifetime support.

It’s easy to buy a mistake. You might buy a paperweight.

That’s not how we work. Let’s talk. 

You talk. We listen. If we’re right for each other, we build, provide a performance guarantee, and include free lifetime support.

Our Mini109CP is the fine powder filling machine that can grow with you.

• Designed for 10g – 250g weights

•Up to +/- .001

•USDA/FDA Compliant

•Foot pedal operated or system integrated

•Full integration will all automation equipment

•Full wash-down and integrations available.

•Options include electropolishing , blending multiple ingredients, product elevators and floor hoppers, and dimpled contact surfaces


Arrange your test drive. See your product and bags run on our fine powder filling machine before you buy.

Other manufacturers will make it buy their fine powder filling machine without seeing it work with your products and bags.

Don’t take a chance. Make sure it works for you.

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Utility Requirements
115VAC – 5A
.5CFM  Air

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