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Our inline blending machines and systems  are 100% guaranteed to work with your products and bags, and come with honest pricing and free lifetime support.


Actionapc specializes in inline blending powder systems. Whether you need a semi automatic or turnkey system, we know how to deal with difficult powder products.  We will have you send your specific product in so we can tailor design the machine to work, guaranteed.

Our blending systems can be as simple or complex as needed to fit your packaging needs.  Whether it be mixing a couple products or many products we can design and build what you need.

You can have separate products, each in their own lane, then add them and blend in the machine, or you can pre-blend products, and then further blend the products in the machine. Either will work.

If you’re new to automation, and your package per minute requirements are on the lower end – 20 to 40 per minute – we have machines and system that will fit your needs. If you’re increasing speed, we have systems that will produce 50 -150 packages per minute. If you need massive throughput then our high speed multi lane blending systems are just right for you.  With speeds ranging up to 200 packages per minute you tell us what you need and we’ll make the right equipment for you.

Our inline blending systems work with powders, retail snacks, produce, frozen foods, non food items, cheese and dairy…

Our inline blending machines will also work with your packages: box, clamshell, folding carton, gusseted bag, jars, jug, pillow bags, quad seals, super sack, large bag, super tote…

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Inline blending has a lot of variables and options. How products flow and blend will vary. Even the simple can be complex.

Problems start when companies use “off the shelf” machines, equipment with cookie cutter engineering and ideas, the same old machines to solve new problems. It doesn’t work. Then, the other manufacturing companies don’t back their product. If there is a warranty, it’s of a very limited scope and limited time.

With us, we require that you have a F.A.T. (Factory Authorization Test). That means you see, either in person or via video, your product and bags run with our machines to our stated speed. Other manufacturers don’t have that option. You are just told “that everything is going to run fine.”

Also, with our machines, we include Free Lifetime Support. You have a problem, even if it’s operator error, just call or video chat and we’ll walk you through fixing the problem. That way, your machines are up and running, not down and costing you money.

That we know of, we’re the only manufacturer that offers free lifetime support for inline blending machines.


Use of automation, especially during COVID, is up.

There’s a reason why. It’s efficient. It makes your more money. It saves you headaches.

Whether it’s time for you to start your system, increase the speed of your system, or perfect your automation,
we have the experience, machines, and support to make your more efficient, and make your more money.

Don’t be fooled by a low price or a fancy video.

Make sure that the machine is guaranteed to work with your products and bags, and that free lifetime support is included.

To find out if we’re right for each other, contact Jon Cantalupo at 805-487-0403, X1011 or email at

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