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Up to 10 Cycles Per Minute Per Lane

Fill Up To 100 lbs at +/- .01 Lb Accuracy

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Fill 5 to 30 KG Boxes and Sacks at up to 10 Per Minute Per Lane at +/- .01 Lb Accuracy


Here's What Makes The MAX109 Different

Linear net weigh system integrated with an FOL /RSC box indexer and metal detector. Great for any type of  dry food or nut  bulk filling. Our dry food packaging systems can also be modified for bulk bags or drum fillers.

For specific product/industry applications, scroll down.

You can customise your solution with a Max Bag Clamp, USDA Sampler Lock Box… For accessories, scroll down.



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Max109 Industry Applications

Fill 50 lb Nut Bags Up To 10 Per Minute with +/- .01 Lb Accuracy

Max109 Net Weigh Machine Bag Filler

For any type of bag filling or super sack, we have a convenient solution for you. Our custom bagging equipment is designed to your specific product and package type. This beast is modular and keeps working day in and day out.

Fill Bulk Dry Food Up To 10 Per Minute With +/- .01 Lb Accuracy and Metal Detection

Max109 Net Weigh Machine Dry Food Filler

dry food bulk filler
Linear net weigh system integrated with an FOL /RSC box indexer and metal detector. Great for any type of dry food or nut bulk filling. Our dry food packaging systems can also be modified for bulk bags or drum fillers.

Fill Powder at Up To 40 Per Minute With .01lb Accuracy

Max109-N Net Weigh Machine

Powder is a challenge. It doesn’t flow easily. Our powder machines are designed and manufactured for specifically for powder, built with unique features that keep the powder flowing.
powder net weigh machine

Fill Gravel in 60 Lb Bags Up To 12 Per Minute with +/- .01 Lb Accuracy

Max109 CLU Linear Net Weigh Filler and Super Sack Bagger

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The MAX109CLU is a Net Weigh Filler Machine created to fill 60 lb gravel bags. It comes integrated with a bucket elevator, an oilier to reduce dust, a diverter to fill super sacks (which comes with a forklift adapter structure, for fast loading and unloading of the super sacks) and a conveyor with stitcher to close the bags. Our Custom Bulk Filling Machines have no limits. Yes! we can create a specific Automatic Weighing and Filling Packaging System for you. We can Bulk Fill your boxes and we can Bulk Fill Totes or Sacks. All in one super system. This allows you to combine any type of Packaging need you may have with Great Accuracy and High Speed.

Accessorize Your Max109

Get USDA Compliant!

USDA Sampler Lock Box

Don’t risk non compliance! This USDA Sampler Lock Box will help keep you compliant, and up and running.

Secure Your Heavy Bags.

Max Bag Clamp

Don’t risk injury. A 50lb bag, including force, is really over a 200lb bag. This clamp will keep your workers safe, and keep your product in the bag, not on the floor.

MAX109 Specs

Standard Height - 110 Inches

Standard Width - 70 Inches

Standard Depth - 60 Inches

Cycles Per Minute - 10 per lane

Accuracy - +/- .01 Lb

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Let me introduce myself.

I’m John Dishion, the Founder and President of ActionPac Scales.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the last 43 years from manufacturing packaging equipment for every type of company in every type of industry. 

You don’t know what you don’t know.

You think you have a production problem. You might be right.

But, you might also have a compliance problem you don’t know about. That problem could shut down your business. Besides, increased production could cause another problem, packaging and shipping for examples.

Packaging equipment is like those Russian nesting dolls. 

One challenge hides the other. There’s 4 levels to every piece of packaging equipment.

  • 1. Are you aware of the problem?
  • 2. What is the problem?
  • 3. What is the solution?
  • 4. What is the best equipment for the solution?
In 15 minutes, that’s what we do.

We guide you from awareness of the problem to finding the best equipment for your solution.

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