For Cannabis Growers & Distributors That Want To Make More Money, Save Time, Never Worry About Compliance Again, and Get Free Lifetime Support – Guaranteed

Micro 420

The World's Fastest & Most Accurate Fully Automated Cannabis Packaging Machine

Finally, One Large Flower Can Be Packaged With Small Flowers Automatically with .02 Grams Accuracy - Guaranteed

30 Cycles Per Minute

+/- .02 Gram Accuracy

Free Lifetime Support


Here's What Makes The Micro 420 Different

Dear Cannabis Grower and/or Distributor,

Sound familiar?

  • You can’t combine 1 large bud with smaller buds?
  • You can’t hand fill jars and scale your business. The numbers don’t add up.
  • You would love to start an automated system or add to your system but you’re afraid the equipment cost is too high.
  • You’re stuck at approximately 10 cycles per minute, give or take a few.
  • You’re “kind of compliant” but you hope the wrong people don’t knock on your front door.
  • You don’t know exactly how much you’re loosing in profits by hand filling. In fact, there’s a part of you that doesn’t want to know?
  • You  bought another machine but you’re only running at 50% capacity or so due to down time and lack of customer support?
  • Your “automated system” requires an operator separating large and small buds, which makes it, well, not so automated?

If you said yes, you’re in the right place.

That’s why we manufacture the Micro420.

We wanted to make a cannabis packaging machine that made sense, financial and operational, for both the experienced grower and/or distributor, and the growing “mom and pop” shop that wants to scale.

Finally, with the Micro420, one large flower can be packaged with smaller flowers every 2 seconds with an accuracy of +/- .02 grams – guaranteed. That’s 2/100th of one gram.

It’s The Worlds’s Fastest and Most Accurate Combination Scale.

Our U.S.A. designed, manufactured, and supported 10 lane inline combination scale is the only cannabis packaging system with built in selectable big bud/small bud configuration.

This ensures that all 3.5g fills (or larger) will have a large bud included in the jar. No radial combination scale can do this! Normal combination scales have no way of ensuring a large bud included in every fill.

In addition to this patented design, we also have the first ever check bucket designed into the funneling to eliminate a down stream check weigh.

If a fill is out of tolerance we reject the buds to a holding bin that gets dumped back into the hopper. No need for reject conveyors. No need for operators to manual check on another static scale to add or subtract to make correct fill weights. That’s not automation!

Also you’ll notice our MICRO420 does not require an operator located on the top hopper the whole time picking and choosing which buds to fill like “those other guys.”

Last, with our Free Lifetime Support, you’ll be up and running for years and years, guaranteed.

Call me and schedule an online or live demo. Call (805) 487-0403, x1010.


John Dishion

ActionPac Scales and Automation

Founder and President

805-487-0403, x 1010

Micro 420 Specs

Standard Height - 95 Inches

Standard Width - 50 Inches

Standard Depth - 35 Inches

Low Profile Height - 72 Inches

Low Profile Width - 60 Inches

Low Profile Depth - 35 Inches

Cycles Per Minute - 30 per lane

Accuracy - +/- .02

15 Free Minutes Could Save You Up To $150,000 and 150 Hours


Let me introduce myself.

I’m John Dishion, the Founder and President of ActionPac Scales.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the last 43 years from manufacturing packaging equipment for every type of company in every type of industry. 

You don’t know what you don’t know.

You think you have a production problem. You might be right.

But, you might also have a compliance problem you don’t know about. That problem could shut down your business. Besides, increased production could cause another problem, packaging and shipping for examples.

Packaging equipment is like those Russian nesting dolls. 

One challenge hides the other. There’s 4 levels to every piece of packaging equipment.

  • 1. Are you aware of the problem?
  • 2. What is the problem?
  • 3. What is the solution?
  • 4. What is the best equipment for the solution?
In 15 minutes, that’s what we do.

We guide you from awareness of the problem to finding the best equipment for your solution.

That best equipment might be ours. It may not. We might be a good match. We may not.

Either way, in a free 15 minute phone call, you’ll get clarity.

There’s no downside. No cost. No obligation. 

Please get your free consultation. It might be the highest ROI for 15 minutes you’ve ever invested.

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