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Micro109 Ultra High Precision Weighing and Filling

Ultra High Precision Weighing and Filling

Micro 109-CP

Up to 20 Cycles Per Minute Per Lane

Up To .001 Cycles Per Minute

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Here's What Makes The Micro109 Ultra High Precision Weighing and Filling Different

Measuring the mass flow rate and totalization of a dry solid material can be difficult when that product is hard to handle powder. Product characteristics like particle size, cohesiveness, flowability, bulk density can all affect the accuracy of the mass flow measurement of powder.

Our MICRO series commonly achieves accuracies to .001g (1/10mg) By applying our 40 years of experience with granular, complex powders, precious metals, slates, and more, we can engineer weighing, filling, and bagging systems custom built to your specific requirements working with you step by step to get you results. Our weighing, filling, and bagging systems are custom built to your specific application. We are committed to working with you step by step until the desired result is achieved

Micro109 Industry Applications

Weigh and Fill Your Difficult Powders

It's All about Flow Control

The micro109-cp is a fully customizable ultra high precision scale weighing and filling system that specializes in difficult to handle powders. These tend to be poor-flowing and are thus much more challenging to convey and move. Maintaining free-flowing behavior is important for reducing downtime and preserving product quality and homogeneity. The ability of a powder to flow freely is a function of many factors, including: Material bulk density Material form Particle size and shape Moisture/humidity levels Particle cohesive strength Electrostatic charge Equipment used for handling, transportation, and storage

Explosion Proof Dosing

Not all weighing equipment applications are created equal. Actionpac Scales has developed its expertise in all aspects of scale design and manufacturing. This expertise is particularly useful when you are looking for scales in hazardous, flammable and explosive environments where you need to have equipment that is both safe and secure. When it comes to safety you do not want to risk using anything less than equipment that is certain to work correctly and safely the first time. Learn More

Make Your Drugs Faster and More Accurately

Pharmaceutical Powder Dosing and Filling

Actionpac is dedicated to supporting pharmaceutical companies worldwide in deploying solutions that improve business performance. As the starting point to all manufacturing processes, weigh and dispense is critical, requiring precise control over ingredients to ensure every drug product is formulated to a specific recipe. At an enterprise level, an effective solution can also lead to increased speed and accuracy, improving overall business performance. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest accuracy in our industry.
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Micro109 Ultra High Precision Weighing and Filling Specs

Accuracy - +/- Up To .001g (1/10mg)

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