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Actionpac offers A wide range of extremely accurate, high performance multi-head weigher scales. Providing a perfect weighing packaging solution for every application. Our MULTI109 combination scales are capable of weighing and mixing at high speeds with great accuracy this makes them an ideal choice for large production lines. Running even the most complicated application mixtures.

  • Increase your productivity
  • Tool-less adjustable disconnect buckets, product chutes, pans and rotating hopper provides convenience during product change over and thorough fast cleaning
  • Our stainless steel construction minimizes the risk of contaminants while providing ease of cleaning and our hygienic design always meets industry standards


We specialize on increasing production for our clients. If you’re thinking on buying a multihead weigher. Consult with our team to find out the best for you. To us is important to give you the equipment & support you need. Our custom packaging machine systems will allow you to weigh,fill, package, convey and seal if necessary. When it comes down to packaging equipment we offer unlimited options.

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