Why Jeeter Bought Our Pre-Roll Machines

Why Jeeter Bought Rollmaster420s.

You know Jeeter as one of California’s leading pre-roll brands. Jeeter has practically become the Kleenex of pre-rolls. Their name means pre-rolls. 

Using over 400 productions workers to make their pre-rolls, Jeeter was struggling to keep up with demand, and hand production costs were soaring. 

The problem was that packaging automation machines didn’t work with their infused product.It stuck. It clumped. It didn’t flow. 

Until, that is, they visited our booth at MJBizCon, and then our ActionPac facility, and saw their product run on our Rollmaster420 with their cones. It flowed. It packed. It was accurate to within .001g. It was pre-roll production Nirvana. 

Then, we tested our Rollmaster420 at their facility over several days. Again, the infused product flowed, about 1200 pre-rolls per hour per machine. 

So, that’s why Jeeter bought our Rollmaster420s. It worked with their infused product and the ROI of 3 months made it a no brainer. 

If you want to visit pre-roll production nirvana, email or give us a call. 

You can see your product, infused or not, run on our Rollmaster420, and make sure it’s the right pre-roll packaging machine for you. 

You may not have 400 production workers, but you can still make your pre-rolll business more green.

Let’s get rolling.

Email Amelia or call 805-487-0403.

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