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Our small parts counting scales will give you the confidence you need in your purchase speed, accuracy, and verification. With a choice of sizes, capacities, readabilities, and other options. Actionpac counting scales can easily accommodate counting, check counting, filling, checkweighing, and bagging needs. They are able to quickly and accurately count parts, saving time in manufacturing applications and reducing waste when filling packs.

Eye counters are not 100% accurate.  Two parts can be counted as one if there is not a sufficient differentiation gap. Incomplete parts, scraps of metal, etc., can be seen as a “part.”  (This is not true of an escapement counter.) The important point to remember is that when someone wants “real” counting, which most people take to mean “eye” counting of some sort. don’t forget that an actual “eye” requires a brain to process information. There is no visual recognition system that sophisticated for the mass market.

Once the eye counter has completed a cycle, there is no way to determine the actual count. If two parts are counted as one, if the eye efficiency has declined from improper set-up or “sight” obstruction, if scrap parts are counted, if parts miss the container. The only quality control possible is visual re-inspection and check weighing.  While this is also technically true for an escapement counter, the design can allow 100% accuracy without verification except in cases of scrap, partials or irregular shapes. We are able to quickly and accurately count parts, saving time in manufacturing applications and reducing waste when filling packs.





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Our comprehensive range of automated packaging equipment includes Machines for Counting or Weighing components into pre-set batch quantities, these can be combined with Automatic bagging or carton handling systems to produce complete integrated packaging solutions.We also manufacture a wide range of equipment for handling and feeding bulk components including Vibratory Hoppers, Elevators, and Conveying Equipment.

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