Bulk Filling

ActionPac Specializes In Bulk Filling Packaging Equipment

The Only Scale Designed By Nut Packers, For Packing Nuts

The MAX109-"N" Series has double and single lane models available

to fit every budget and application. Over-sized weigh buckets and feeder pans for increased speed and accuracy! Though primarily used in bulk nut applications, the MAX109 is our most economical solution for weighing a wide variety of free flowing bulk products at speeds up to 16PPM @ 2/10% accuracy, 0% average dev. guaranteed.   Additional hoppers/funnel kits clamps, lock boxes, etc. are available for add on (see below for more accessories).

Accessorize Your machine

ActionPac offers a range of "add-on" accessories for the MAX109 scale with the bulk nut industry in mid. Various funnels, sealers, sewing machines, elevators, conveyors, etc. can be purchased with the scale or at a later time, as your production increases.

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