ActionPac systems are custom built to your product. This will take the headache out of combining multiple, independent components into one package. We have successfully implemented systems for hardware kits, assorted wrapped candy bags and acrylic nails just to name a few.

Magnetic Screw Alignment System

From bucket elevators for product metering and flow control to spreader feeders and magnetic alignment indexing setup for tray filling...

The ME109CSTEX2 provides an automated process for weighing and filling metal screws.  The screw source flows from an EZ Flow elevator and then diverts into two lanes.  Each lane consists of two feeders, a back feeder and a front (spreader) feeder.  The screws then flow into a weigh bucket where 1 or 2 piece accuracy is achieved.  The screws are then dumped through a power funnel and get magnetically aligned before dropping into the container.  The container is then automatically indexed out and a new container is indexed in.