From Pill Counting And Sorting... To Syringes

Precision and innovation are the key elements of each one of our custom MICRO line machines. Often times being used in laboratories or similar environments the equipment we build for pharmaceutical handling is engineered to handle all aspects of this specialty material; including the expense of the materials, their “difficult” nature, the high accuracy required and the tendency toward unusual containers.  We offer a wide range of options and will work with you to ensure all federal and state regulations, which may apply to you, will be met.


Custom system for singulating, filling and capping pipettes for medical applications.  We set up the initial system settings and thoroughly test all machines before shipping.

Accurate System For Small Tablets And Other Small Granular Type Products│MINI109L

Standard single lane linear net weigh and fill scale for small weights.  This  scale is great for weighing tablets and other small free flowing, granular type items.  The lane gate optimizes flow control.  Can be upgraded with 3 mM/v load cell for increased accuracy.

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