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Pouch Machines are made for pre-made flat, bottom or side gusset bags or pouches including zip lock. They open the bag/pouch and integrate with the filler above it, then  close the bag and seal it, all automatically. Your production speed depends upon the type or style of bag or pouch, the condition of the bag…

Multi-Head Combination Scales

Actionpac offers A wide range of extremely accurate, high performance multi-head weigher scales. Providing a perfect weighing packaging solution for every application. Our MULTI109 combination scales are capable of weighing and mixing at high speeds with great accuracy this makes them an ideal choice for large production lines. Running even the most complicated application mixtures….


• Designed for 10g – 250g weights •Up to +/- .001 •USDA/FDA Compliant •Foot pedal operated or system integrated •Full integration will all automation equipment •Full wash-down and integrations available. •Options include electropolishing , blending multiple ingredients, product elevators and floor hoppers, and dimpled contact surfaces

Micro109 Ultra High Precision Weighing and Filling

Measuring the mass flow rate and totalization of a dry solid material can be difficult when that product is hard to handle powder. Product characteristics like particle size, cohesiveness, flowability, bulk density can all affect the accuracy of the mass flow measurement of powder. Our MICRO series commonly achieves accuracies to .001g (1/10mg) By applying…


The micro109-cp is a fully customizable ultra high precision scale weighing and filling system that specializes in difficult to handle powders. These tend to be poor-flowing and are thus much more challenging to convey and move. Maintaining free-flowing behavior is important for reducing downtime and preserving product quality and homogeneity. The ability of a powder…