Best Automatic Cone Filler – The Rollmaster420

The Fastest and Most Accurate Automatic Cone Filler

up to 20 cycles per minute


Made in USA &
Custom Built For Your Products and Bags

Written Performance Guarantee Included

Free Lifetime Support

Here's What Makes Us Different

Until now, a automatic cone filler might sound like this: 

  • Filling cones by hand and or knock box.
  • Filling about 5 cones by minute and you really don’t know how much you’re wasting?
  • You think you’re kinda compliant but you’re not really sure.
  • You fill, pack, weigh, unpack, refill, weigh…
  • You want to scale but it’s lack of an efficient scale and packer that’s holding you back.

If you’re looking for the best automatic cone filler that makes more green profit, and you want free lifetime support, you’re in the right place.

It’s why we designed and manufacture the Rollmaster420.

It works with any strain.

You get 20 cones every minute with .02 gram accuracy on half gram and gram fills.

That’s 240 compliant cones every 12 minutes. That’s almost as fast as your college roommate, and way more accurate.

With our weight-based cone filling system, you remove all product loss and you know that each cone is 100% compliant. This is verified by a weight map that tracks every cone.

Stop wasting your money. Stop wasting your time. Stop worrying about compliance.

Get the best automatic cone filler that scales and helps you scale.


Getting a automatic cone filler is the first step in your automation chain.
Our Rollmaster 420 will integrate with our machines; it will integrate with competitor’s machines.
Besides, with our free lifetime support, you’ll get the help you need to meet any production challenge, even good problems.

Like Adam Millstein, General Manager at Verano, said:

“The Rollmaster is running so fast that we needed more trays to keep up.”

Not a bad problem to have, and The Rollmaster420 makes it a no brainer.

Depending on your demand, you could make your investment back in as little as a month. We’re seen it happen. Of course, your results may vary, but most of our clients see their ROI in 6 months or less.

Stop trying to hand roll faster than your college roommate. It’s not going to happen.

Get an automatic cone filler that pre rolls 240 in 12 minutes.

Get compliant. Don’t take a chance of losing your business due to regulations. You’ve invested too much money, and too much time.

It’s not worth the risk.

You can go down either one of two roads.

You can do the manual thing. Get busier. Hire more people. People get sick. They quit. They don’t show up.

More people equals more headaches. More headaches means more work, and less profit.

Or, you can go the automatic, Henry Ford way. You can say it worked out for him.

Invest in a machine. Learn to use it well. Optimize. Use your free lifetime support. Optimize more.

Make money. Use your automatic cone filler to make even more money. Invest in another machine. Repeat.

You get the idea. One way is a viscous cycle. The other is a path forward. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Automation is the way to make your dreams come true and make the biggest impact. A automatic cone filler is the centrepiece of your automation.

That’s the main difference.

You can either produce by hand or by an automatic cone filler. One way leads to headaches. The other leads to profit and impact.

The sooner you move from hand to automation, the sooner you’ll be profitable.

Ask Verano. Ask the other companies we work with.

The difference between struggle and success is automation. The other stuff counts, but it’s automation that will get you into the winner’s circle, and keep you there.

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation today. You can request a consultation here.

We’ll chat about your business, your plant, your goals, and how you plan to get there.

No cost. No obligation. Just priceless clarity.

You can also email Amelia, our VP of cannabis sales.

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