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ME109 Coffee and Tea Net Weigh Filler

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Up To 12 Cycles Per Minute

.02 Gram Accuracy

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Me109 Coffee and Tea Weigher

Here's What Makes The ME109 Coffee and Tea Net Weigh Filler Different

Looking to scale your coffee or tea business?

Also looking for a foundation that can grow with your business?

Looking for ROI numbers that make sense?

You’re in the right spot.

Our ME109 the most recommended coffee and tea weigher for a reason.

It’s fast.

With just one operator, you get up to 12 cycles per minute.

It’s accurate.

Up to 1/100oz (1/10 gram).

It’s easy to learn.

Any new employee can be up and running within minutes. A two-digit code recalls presets for commonly used weights.

It’s easy to clean.

All contact points are stainless steel.

It’s durable.

We have Me109s that have been in the field for 30 years, day in and day out.

It’s economical.

Customers usually make their money back in 6 months.

It’s modular.

You can add vacuum conveyors, nitro flush kits mobile floor hopper, stand up pouch former…

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ActionPac Scales and Automation

Founder and President

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Retail and Commercial Applications Industry Applications

The Fast, Accurate and Easy For Your Product and Package

Complete Solutions for Cereals Packaging

The Fast and Accurate Me1095 Is Perfect for Cereals and Granola

• Innovative “Top Down” dribble lane gate. Designed to skim the top layer of product during dribble which increases accuracy and improves flow control. Also helps to sift clumps. • High resolution, single point, aluminum Load Cell Heavy Duty SS Framework 2” sq. tube, 1/8” wall Programmed utilizing Actionpac’s proprietary hardware, software, logic and control Spreader Feeder; designed to take bulkier/clumpy products and get it to a more manageable flow, this increases speed and accuracy. The Spreader Feeder includes additional magnetic vibrator units with a pan as well as mechanical and electronic modifications such as frame extension, programming and required logic and sensors (option) Argon injected Purge Welds ensure all contact surfaces are easy to clean reducing product build up at accrual corners reducing the amount of time spent cleaning between product switches (option) Windows based Touch Screen with remote troubleshooting capabilities, statistical analysis, custom reports, RS232 Output, Standard ASCII, Ethernet ready for remote view and analysis (option)

Specifically Designed for Powders


• Specifically designed for powders • Quick changeover • Zero product separation • Conical hopper for ease of cleaning • Minimizes dust • Semi or Fully Automatic • Integrates with auxiliary equipment • Optional dust collection • Optional conveyor

Designed for Non Coffee Products


• Designed for Non Coffee and Non Powder Products • Lane Gates for Increased Speed and Accuracy • Works with a variety of retail snacks and other products • All Stainless Steel Contact Surfaces •USDA/FDA Compliant 100% Fully Validated • Footpedal operated or fully automated • Up to 12 cycles per minute per lane

Accessorize Your Me109

faster, more efficient, better

Automatically Move Beans Into The Me109

Gentle Flow Vacuum Conveyor

coffee filling machine, coffee bulk filling machine, coffee weigh filling machine, best coffee
Gives you the flexibility needed to transfer “green” coffee from a Bag, floor hopper, super sack or box to a roaster/cooler/de-stoner and then to either a whole-bean Packaging Station and/or to a grinder and to a packaging machine. The operator can slow speed down when conveying fragile roasted beans, or increase speed to transfer heavier, more robust green beans. This proven self-contained line coupled with ancillary equipment, results in a complete system that provides ease of operation, quality control and low maintenance, reducing the cost of producing your finished product.

Make Your Hopper Mobile!

Mobile Floor Hopper

Designed to increase production flow and capabilities. The mobile floor hopper pairs with the Pneucon Kit, and are generally ordered together.

Load Coffee Grounds, Beans or Teas Automatically Into Hopper

Pneucon Kit

This kit provides accuracy by satisfying a complete product flow to the bag of your choice.

Improve Accuracy and Speed!

Side Gusset Forming

Custom Funnels improve accuracy and speed. Designed to simultaneously form and fill side gusset bags, these funnels come in 3 sizes: 2 – 6 oz, 8 – 16 oz, and custom sizes.

Keep Your Product Fresh!

Nitro Flush Kit

nitro flush kit
Keep your product fresh with the ActionPac Nitro Flush Kit. Hassle free, we mount it for you! All you do is provide regulated nitrogen. When your product runs through the funnel, it’s nitro purged!

Fill Larger Bags!

5 lb Bucket and Open Funnel Kit

Need to fill 5lb and smaller bags, then the 5lb Bucket and Open Funnel Kit is perfect for you! Easily mounts to your scale for a smooth and quick transition.

Form and Fill Your Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouch Former

stand up pouches
Simultaneously forms and fills your stand up pouch, custom sizes are available.

After Your First Me109

How Your Me109 Can Grow With You

Double Your Production

Add a Second Me109

coffee filling machine, coffee bulk filling machine, coffee weigh filling machine, best coffee
Since you already know the Me109, doubling production is easy; just add another one. No additional training. All your accessories already work. No hassle.

Sealing & Conveying In Seconds!

Seal-E-7 Semi Automatic Bag Sealer

Equipped with an Adjustable Load Shelf, Adjustable Seal Head, Printer and Variable Speed Conveyor. 15 mm seal width, up to 32″ tall bag, 30 Lbs Conveyor, Our heat sealer Works with any Coffee Bag Material. Coffee Bags are sealed in a Standing Position which Avoids Spillage. The SEAL-E7 Heat Sealer, allows for most types of thermoplastic material: PE, PPE, Stand Up Pouches, Gusseted Bags, and Moisture Barrier Bags. Accommodating a variety of Bag Weights Since they are conveyed. Also, the Height and Heat Temperature can be Adjusted to Accommodate Most Sealing Applications. Floor Stand, printer and Casters Included.
coffee bags sealer, coffee bags heat sealer, bar sealer, horizontal coffee bag sealer, coffee conveyor sealer, best coffee heat sealer

Automatically Open, Form and Seal Standup Pouches or Side Gusset Bags

Automatic Coffee Poucher Machine

automated poucher, pouch filling machine, pouch filling equipment, coffee pouch fillers, automatic coffee poucher machine, best coffee bagger, best coffee pouch machine, best coffee poucher machine
Coffee Pouchers are an Excellent Addition for Your Packaging Equipment, Especially When it Comes to Combining them with our Accurate Actionpac ME109 , Since Everything We Make is Custom to Your Needs, Our Focus and Designs Have you in mind, from the Footprint of your location to the High Speed and Accuracy of Our Scales, all this in just one Automatic Weigh Packaging System Solution! Our Willingness to work with our clients Puts Us on top of this industry. We Can Create Simple Coffee Filling Machine Solutions, to Bigger Custom Systems with Mayor Complexity,suited with conveying capabilities among others. There’s no Difficult Jobs for Us!

Ramp Up Production!!

Multi109 Multihead Weigh Scale with VFFS Bagger

Multihead Weigher scale with Vertical Form Fill Sealer (vffs) Coffee Bagger Integrated, this Coffee or Tea Packaging Machine is Designed for Fast Production Through High Speed Weighing. Vertical automatic packing machines use a single film coil to obtain a package with three weldings : two cross-weldings and one longitudinal welding. There’s no difficult Product to Handle. This type of machine is for coffee and food markets. Built in Touchscreen Innovation with Windows Operation System and Friendly Use. Outstanding Performance, Advanced Functions and High Efficiency to Increase Both Productivity and Profits.
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ME109 Coffee and Tea Net Weigh Filler Specs

actionpac me109, coffee bagger, coffee filling machine, custom coffee weigh packaging machine, coffee packing machine, coffee filling equipment manufacturer

Standard Height - 84 Inches

Standard Width - 50 Inches

Standard Depth - 35 Inches

Cycles Per Minute - 12 per lane

Accuracy - +/- .02

15 Free Minutes Could Save You Up To $150,000 and 150 Hours


Let me introduce myself.

I’m John Dishion, the Founder and President of ActionPac Scales.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the last 43 years from manufacturing packaging equipment for every type of company in every type of industry. 

You don’t know what you don’t know.

You think you have a production problem. You might be right.

But, you might also have a compliance problem you don’t know about. That problem could shut down your business. Besides, increased production could cause another problem, packaging and shipping for examples.

Packaging equipment is like those Russian nesting dolls. 

One challenge hides the other. There’s 4 levels to every piece of packaging equipment.

  • 1. Are you aware of the problem?
  • 2. What is the problem?
  • 3. What is the solution?
  • 4. What is the best equipment for the solution?
In 15 minutes, that’s what we do.

We guide you from awareness of the problem to finding the best equipment for your solution.

That best equipment might be ours. It may not. We might be a good match. We may not.

Either way, in a free 15 minute phone call, you’ll get clarity.

There’s no downside. No cost. No obligation. 

Please get your free consultation. It might be the highest ROI for 15 minutes you’ve ever invested.

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Me109 Coffee and Tea Weigher

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