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Here's What Makes The Pouchers Different

Pouch Machines are made for pre-made flat, bottom or side gusset bags or pouches including zip lock.

They open the bag/pouch and integrate with the filler above it, then  close the bag and seal it, all automatically. Your production speed depends upon the type or style of bag or pouch, the condition of the bag or pouch and the flow characteristics of your product and type of filler.

Anything from a single lane linear ME109 netweigher to  a radial combination  MULTI-109 at from 8-65 bags or pouches per minute. Augers and other volumetric fillers can also be used but are less accurate.

Starting a New Business or Expanding Your Line?

Single Lane Pouch Machine (Entry Level)

Perfect for anyone just starting a new business. This Single Lane Pouch Machine is affordable, simple to use and easy to clean with a small footprint. It can be combined with any scale and will increase your production. Save your time so you can focus on growing your business. You can add a conveyor or a turntable. These are perfect for dry food applications and any pre-made bag types.

The Most Efficient Way to Package More Product

Rotary Pouch Machine (30-60 bags per minute)

The Rotary pouch machine has demostrated to be the best option for different types of packaging pouches and stand up pouches. These are a few stats: All 304 SS framework, PLC controlled, all “SMC” pneumatic components, zipper opener, multi bag format/adjusts easily, low operating and maintenance costs… no bag-no dump. Fast , efficient and accurate, it can be combined with a Multihead Weigher to create a whole weigh and fill packaging system.

Customized For Your Product Specifically!

Custom Powder Pouch System

Actionpac Custom Packaging Solutions can be integrated for any type of product. This specific packaging system was created for powders. With a .01 g accuracy, integrated with our Pouch Machine, it is able to weigh, fill and package bags in one motion. When you choose Actionpac you don’t just get a machine that solves it all. You get a solution that solves your specific application .
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Pouchers Specs

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