Linear Retail Packaging Scales

ActionPac Has Been The Top Leader In Linear Weighing Systems For 40 Years

Products that are consistent in size and weight, such as nuts, coffee, dry chemicals, or a myriad of other products are more economically and accurately weighed by a Net Weigh Scale.  A precision linear/net weigh scale, which can be made to perform at levels as precise as 1/10mg (.0001g) is mechanically simple and can be operated by unskilled workers.  Programming changes in weights or products can be accomplished with little training.

Higher cycle rates required by retail packages can be accommodated by multiple lane scales that handle simultaneous functions of weighing and filling without adding to the mechanical complexity.  Production rates of 15 to 30 units per minute are typical with accuracies to 1/100oz. Higher speeds are more usually, but not always, more economically accommodated by a combination scale. Exceptions would include but not be limited to container indexing, where speeds are achieved by multiple funnels and hence require multiple weigh buckets.

Single, Double, Triple... The Possibilities Are Endless

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