Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce│Delicate Products

Fresh produce presents many unique challenges, Actionpac has spent years developing handling techniques based on the fragility of this type of product which ensures that its integrity remains intact.

Gentle Flow System│Prevent Bruising│MINI109CLSJWDX8

Custom 8 lane gentle handling system; fully wash down with J Conveyor feeding system, elevator with distribution vanes for product flow control as well as product decelerator to prevent bruising. Scale is integrated with peripheral cupping line.

Custom Integrated Cleat Hopper With Double Lanes│ME1095CVX2

Custom double lane, wash down system for kiwi or other products with integrated elevators for better control, speed and accuracy!

Linear Double Lane With Vertical Bagging System│ME1095CDJVWX2-VFS

Custom double lane, wash down system equipped with “J-Belt” conveyor feeders, hopper integrated conveyor system, elevator and VFS bagger to run various fresh fruit, veggies and prepared “Pico de Gallo” salsa.

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Mini 6 Lane System With J-Belt Conveyor Feeder│MINI109CDJ

Custom 6 lane system for peripheral automatic tray sealer integration, mounted direct to peripheral tray sealer with opposite facing set of 3 lanes and “J-Belt” conveyor feeders to run pomegranate arils.