Powders / Spices

MICRO1095CP (Custom Powder)

Our “standard” MICRO109CLP has been developed for running small weights of herbal mixes and powders. With an adjustable, stacked, conical hopper design, hopper vibrator, straight sided pan, “Shut Off” lane gate and cylindrical bucket this system handles both herbs and powders with ease.

ME1095CP "Standard"

Powder and granular product is notoriously difficult and with every individual powder and granular product posing unique challenges each system must be expertly engineered in accordance. We have been perfecting the art of handling these unstable materials for many years and our “CP” line of equipment holds the solution for you, no matter the size or bulk of your operation.

Doser │ Powder Feeder

Product doser, meant for volumetric filling.

MINI109CL With Indexer

MINI109CLX4 │ 4 Lane

Custom four lane powder system with “Shut Off” lane gates and cylindrical buckets for running various powders. Breeze shield installed to prevent product disturbance and reduce air pollution in factory environment.

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